Who's Who

Peter Kalkus, Founder and Chairman of the Board

In 1972, Lamar’s Founder, Peter Kalkus, recognized that he could realize significant financial appreciation by investing in real estate.  Over the years, he established investment syndicates and took advantage of a positive tax law environment to build or refurbish retail shopping centers, apartment houses, offices, housing developments and condominium complexes. In the course of this activity, he hired experts and developed affiliated business entities that surround the business of real estate re-development.  An MBA graduate of Harvard Business School and a prior Vice President of DLJ Real Estate and President of DLJ Properties, Inc., Peter was instrumental in creating the philosophies and tactics that the Company still espouses. He led Lamar to numerous successes in the shopping center market, leading to outstanding results for his investors, clients and tenants. He also served as Vice President of the Oliver Tyrone Corporation in Pittsburgh.  As times changed and tax laws became less favorable, Peter moved the Company into new ventures. His last syndicated portfolio was 13 shopping centers in eastern Pennsylvania. This experience proved that there was a tremendous opportunity in distressed retail shopping centers that could result in highly profitable retail centers. Today, Peter continues to consult with Lamar as it relates to major strategic decisions and often will review acquisition decisions.  Peter continues to serve as the major investor in every Lamar transaction and provides final approval on all investments.

Mark Kalkus, President and Chief Executive Officer

Mark has been with Lamar since 1988; in his role as president, Mark has been overseeing the growth of the Company, including employees, assets and properties both owned and managed, since 1993.  Prior to Mark joining the company, Lamar was more focused on lower income apartments and tax benefits for partnerships from such a structure.  Prior to that, Mark worked through every aspect of the business including acquisitions, leasing, property management and investor development and management.  Mark has a legal and analytical background, graduating from Stanford School of Law where he graduated with distinction and passed the bar in California.  He also has his broker’s license in Colorado.  Prior to that he spent a year and a half as an associate consultant with Bain and Company.  In 1988, he joined Lamar assisting in property management and leasing.  He quickly became a vital force in several of Lamar’s most successful and profitable turnarounds.  In 1990, he was given the responsibility for the opening and operation of Lamar’s Colorado office.  With the success of Colorado acquisitions, Mark became President in 1993 and Chief Executive Officer in 2001.  Mark is a member of Phi Beta Kappa and a member of the Young Presidents Organization Gold (“YPO”).  Mark is also the lead member of Lamar’s Investment Committee which approves all major decisions as it relates to the portfolio. Mark can be reached by phone at 303-904-1122 or by email at markk@lamarco.com.

Cory D. Boss, Executive Vice President

Cory has been with Lamar since 1990, and has been an Executive Vice President since 1999. He has over 33 years of commercial real estate experience.  He is involved in all major decisions including, office operations, acquisitions, dispositions, partner and bank selection and strategic planning. From 1994 through 2015 Cory was Head of Acquisitions, overseeing 12,000,000 square feet in property acquisitions.  Cory has supervised major construction jobs at Lamar as well as negotiated thousands of leases over his tenure as head of leasing from 2005 to 2015.  An inactive CPA with prior experience as an accountant and controller for the Linpro Company for six years, Cory has been instrumental in the design and implementation of reporting systems, analytics and measurements of the assets in Lamar’s portfolio and has streamlined the operations and strategic planning tools utilized by the Company.  Today Cory is an Asset Manager, managing Lamar’s assets mostly in the western United States as well as a member of Lamar’s Investment Committee approving all major decisions across Lamar’s portfolio.  Cory can be reached by phone at 973-285-0660 x309 or by email at coryb@lamarco.com.

Ralph J. Pugliano, Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President

Ralph has been with Lamar since 1994, and an Executive Vice President since 2009.  Ralph is a CPA that has held multiple positions including Controller, MIS Manager, VP-Eastern United States Acquisitions, and currently is responsible for overseeing Lamar’s Eastern Asset Management division overseeing property and leasing department personnel.  Responsible for over 8,500,000 square feet of purchases made by Lamar and is involved in major strategic decisions including office operations, partner relations, construction management and financial reviews as well as a member of Lamar’s Investment Committee approving all major decisions regarding potential property acquisitions, dispositions, refinancing, and business plan development.  Ralph is a Leader in Lamar’s single tenant development program in the local Tri-State Market.  Ralph can be reached by phone at 973-285-0660 x306 or by email at ralphp@lamarco.com.

Lavinia Sherman-Truelove, Chief Operating Officer / Executive Vice President

Lavinia joined Lamar in 1977, managing two office buildings in Arlington, VA, consisting of 1,000,000 SF of office space that Lamar subsequently owned for 18 years. The buildings were leased to the Federal Government and housed the Naval Sea Systems Command.  The buildings were sold in 1990 to Crystal Holdings Corporation, an entity owned by Harvard University.  She became Vice President of Property Management in 1984 until becoming Executive Vice President and COO in 2008.  Lavinia’s oversight includes all back-office operations, as well as Property and Construction Management. She is a Certified Property Manager and Real Property Administrator. Lavinia has either directly or through overseeing, been involved with all of Lamar’s retail and office management and construction, totaling over 18,000,000 square feet to date. Lavinia can be reached by phone at 703-531-1057 or by email at vinnies@lamarco.com.

Jeffrey James, Vice President of Leasing

Jeff has been with Lamar since 1990 and a Vice President since 1996.  Jeff has an impressive network of national retailers and brokers.  Jeff can be reached by phone at 727-403-7777 or by email at jjames@lamarco.com.

Lara Purchase, President of LFI, LLC

Lara has been with Lamar since 1992 and manages the portfolio of all non-real estate assets, which includes hedge funds and stock investments for LFI, LLC.  She also manages the non-commercial real estate, the Kalkus Foundation, and other assets.  Lara received her MBA from the University of Denver. Lara can be reached by email at larap@lamarco.com.

Cheryl Davies, Vice President of Lamar and LFI, LLC

Cheryl has been with Lamar since 1991 and oversees the day-to-day operations for the non-real estate division of the company.  Cheryl also maintains Lamar’s insurance portfolio, to include placement and management of all lines of commercial coverage for both the company and Lamar’s real estate assets.  Additional areas of responsibility include risk and claims management.  Cheryl can be reached at 303-904-1122 or by email at cheryld@lamarco.com.

Frank Maresca, Vice President, Acquisitions

Frank joined Lamar Companies in 2015 as its Director of East Coast Acquisitions, in 2016 became the Executive Director of Acquisitions and in 2017 became Vice President, where he is responsible for sourcing, capitalizing and closing Lamar's value-add and opportunistic investment activities across the United States.  Prior to joining Lamar, Frank was part of CBRE's Tri-State Institutional Properties group, where he was part of a team that closed in excess of $1 billion in investment transactions. Previously, he was a member of KPMG's Economic and Valuation Services group in New York where he was part of the Real Estate Advisory division.  Since joining Lamar, Frank has been involved in the acquisition of six assets totaling over 600,000 SF.  Frank can be reached by phone at 973-867-0612 or by email at frankm@lamarco.com.

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